What’s the hype with Kombucha?


Good evening everyone!

Since I’m travelling and don’t have access to cooking my own food I decided to post about something I’ve been itching to try for the past 6 months! Since I started becoming vegetarian I have focused so much on my health and what I’m putting in my body, therefor it comes as no surprise my curiosity to try Kombucha!

So tonight I bring to you my first impression and honest review of the very popular Synergy Organic Kombucha by GT’s Living Foods in the flavour Trilogy. Trilogy is a combination of Kombucha culture, Green tea, black tea, kiwi juice, raspberry juice, lemon juice and fresh ginger juice. According to a quick google search online, Kombucha claims to have made its first appearance as early as 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty in China. It was also know as the tea of immortality and later was named Kombucha as the drink become more popular in places like Japan, Eastern Europe and Russia.

If you don’t already know what Kombucha is, here’s a little run down. In simple it’s tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. They create a colony of bacteria and yeast, add it to tea and sugar and allow the mix to ferment. During the fermenting process the colony basically attacks the sugar turning the beverage into a tangy, fizzy drink. If your like me and don’t like seeing the culture at the bottom I recommend shaking your Kombucha and waiting a few minutes to open it up! Just like soda, it will fizz up and bubble over quickly! Before opening up my drink I had no idea what to expect so I nonchalantly shook it, cranked open the top and spilled it all over the place! Down my shirt, on the floor and all over the Walmart cashier.

Once the fermentation process is complete, the Kombucha contains probiotics, enzymes, vitamin B, vinegar and concentrated gluconic and lactic acid. Now, that explains the big carbonation! This fermented drink seems to be something I would have made in my science class as a kid.

As mentioned earlier, Kombucha claims to be really healthy. Now, I can’t testify any changes in my body since I literally just tried my first sip but many others claim that its health benefits range from your brain all the way to your gut! Your gut is apparently the most affected by how great Kombucha is. Just like myself, you might be asking yourself…How and why? It’s quite simple, the bacteria in the Kombucha is filled with active probiotics that support a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system. Kombucha promotes healthy lungs, liver and cardiovascular system. By being so filled with healthy bacteria, people have noticed it helps them manage their diabetes as well as prevent other diseases as Kombucha also acts as an antibacterial. People have also claimed that in the long run they experience mental clarity when drinking Kombucha regularly.

So now, if you’ve had Kombucha before, let me know if you agree with my taste buds!

At first, I was under the impression I was going to be drinking a really sweet and bitter tea. Something similar to Queen of Tarts by David’s Tea, but after my first sip I realized I was really wrong. Kombucha is definitely an acquired taste! It falls somewhere between a carbonated wine and apple cider vinegar! You definitely taste the flavour of ginger in Trilogy but I can’t say I tasted the raspberry! The colour of the drink is obviously coloured by berry juice but the flavour lacks. I found mine very acidic drinking it directly from the bottle. I wouldn’t recommend drinking it if you are prone to heart burn.

After I got home, I couldn’t justify not trying to like it at least one more time. After all, each bottle I bought costed me $4.50US. As my parents sipped on their wine, I poured my Kombucha over ice. This time, it was a lot more enjoyable. Perhaps the ice watered it down or cut the carbonation. As the drink got colder the ginger became more pronounced. I still couldn’t drink the entire bottle but I did enjoy at least half. I probably won’t be purchasing Kombucha for a while because I just don’t understand the hype. Yes, it’s supposedly healthy but I much rather be healthy eating and drinking things I actually enjoy!

Any one who knows me well can attest I drink white vinegar out of the pack, have no problem drinking apple cider vinegar daily and eat an ambulance of Salt and Malt Vinegar chips… but this my friend is quite literally not my cup of tea. At over 5$ Canadian for one bottle, I don’t think this hyped up healthy drink is worth it. I do have another flavour to try but unlike other beverages I haven’t had a desire to drink it. I don’t dislike Kombucha but I can’t say I love either. It’s one of those products I could just simply keep living my life and not care to try it again.

That being said, I have heard of bad batches and the lack of proper storage so I won’t dismiss the drink entirely. If you have other flavour suggestions please let me know down below!