Welcome to TheNewlyVeggie!

Welcome to TheNewlyVeggie!

I am Jasmine and this tiny website is what I call my internet home! As most homes, mine is a work in progress…I hope you don’t mind! Here you’ll be able to join me on my journey to becoming a vegetarian! You’ll also be able to take a sneak peak into my life as I travel around the world and tell you all about the to-die-for-dishes I try away from home!

I created TheNewlyVeggie very spontaneously! I had commented on one of my vegetarians friends post that she should start a blog and it dawned on me that I had been counting on her for all tips vegetarian. I then questioned why I hadn’t been able to find such good advice online. I decided I should share my journey and perhaps help you! In that moment TheNewlyVeggie was born!

With in minutes I had created my logo, bought a domain and secured my name! The very next morning I woke up bright and early (very rare for me) and stopped my boyfriend on his way out the door. I shouted, “Wait! I need to show you something” at the time we were looking for a new apartment so he assumed I had found a new listing over night but little did he know what I had done! I opened my computer screen, typed in http://www.thenewlyveggie.com and said “Look! I have a website.” He kissed my forehead and said “Cool hunny! I’m really proud of you!” The rest of that day I spent on a creativity high creating content and brain dumping all my ideas!

While my boyfriend Tyler, does not intend to go completely vegetarian, I do! I have been on this journey for nearly six months and I must admit it has been filled with cravings and sparks of creativity inspiring some pretty wicked dishes. With that being said, I’ve been a meat eater my entire life therefor my skills in the kitchen have almost always included a side of meat from Christmas dinner, thanksgiving and even my September birthday barbecues! It would be a shame to have recipes and memories dissapear in to thin air, so you can count on all my favourite “meat” recipes being posted here throughout the year!

Talking about thin air, by day I’m flying and by night I’m here blogging! You might be asking yourself “What does she mean by that?” Well, its quiet simple. I am currently a flight attendant in Canada privilege to travel the entire world! This summer alone I’ve had the pleasure of traveling most of Europe, some of the United States and the most beautiful parts of my country! Travelling is my addiction but nothing compares to home where I can always count on hugs and kisses from both Tyler and my dog Oscar! Let’s not forget to mention… my bed and kitchen!

After some jet lag recuperating you can usually catch me making day trips in and around my home in Toronto,On. I love berry picking, tree trekking and going on long walks in our local conservatories with Oscar! When our busy city start to quiet down and night time falls, you can find me reading, listening to spotify and adding content here. On weekends my friends and I celebrate what we call “Savage Saturday” where our little group of friends all bond over video games and play till the early morning. Savage Saturday represents so much to both Tyler and I! It’s something we both look forward to because along with good company we make sure to binge eat delicious treats! Make sure to stick around long enough to try some of favourite “Savage Saturday” specialties!

So, if you love food as much as I do, travel frequently to new countries or love spending quality time with friends…family… and dogs, be sure to click on the icons above to follow @TheNewlyVeggie on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! I can assure you, you won’t regret it! New content will be added twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

I can’t wait to chat so before you leave say “Hello” in the comments and let me know what you think or whether or not you’ll try my recipes!!!

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