Welcome to TheNewlyVeggie!

Welcome to TheNewlyVeggie! I am Jasmine and this tiny website is what I call my internet home! As most homes, mine is a work in progress...I hope you don't mind! Here you'll be able to join me on my journey to becoming a vegetarian! You'll also be able to take a sneak peak into my… Continue reading Welcome to TheNewlyVeggie!


What’s the hype with Kombucha?

So tonight I bring to you my first impression and honest review of the very popular Synergy Organic Kombucha by GT's Living Foods in the flavour Trilogy. Trilogy is a combination of Kombucha culture, Green tea, black tea, kiwi juice, raspberry juice, lemon juice and fresh ginger juice. According to a quick google search online, Kombucha claims to have made its first appearance as early as 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty in China. It was also know as the tea of immortality and later was named Kombucha as the drink become more popular in places like Japan, Eastern Europe and Russia.