Welcome to TheNewlyVeggie!

Welcome to TheNewlyVeggie! I am Jasmine and this tiny website is what I call my internet home! As most homes, mine is a work in progress...I hope you don't mind! Here you'll be able to join me on my journey to becoming a vegetarian! You'll also be able to take a sneak peak into my… Continue reading Welcome to TheNewlyVeggie!


What’s the hype with Kombucha?

Good evening everyone! Since I'm travelling and don't have access to cooking my own food I decided to post about something I've been itching to try for the past 6 months. Since I started becoming vegetarian I have focused so much on my health and what I'm putting in my body! So, I needed to… Continue reading What’s the hype with Kombucha?


5 Things I’ll miss about living in the GTA

Hi everyone, I hope you've had a wonderful week as of yet. As I sit here in my empty apartment spending a few last hours to myself, I'm reflecting on all the things this city has offered me since May 2014. I guess I should start at the beginning so you guys can truly grasp… Continue reading 5 Things I’ll miss about living in the GTA